2B2T 優先列隊 | 2B2T Priority Queue


代購 2B2T Priority Queue 優先列隊

※ 請填寫 Minecraft ID 並於下單前仔細確認無誤。


歡迎使用 Discord 加入客戶群,將會盡力為您解答!


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Thank you for considering donating to 2b2t.

You can donate to have your account be put in a priority queue. This will let you join the server faster.

When you donate to receive priority queue status on your account, make sure to write your account name correctly as it is in-game and to doublecheck it before proceeding.

It can take up to 30 minutes for the process to complete.

Your donations are completely anonymous – and when you choose to receive priority queue status, other players including you will not be able to see this in-game or on your account name, or if you choose to gift it to someone elses account.

If you have any questions or issues, please send an email to – [email protected]

感謝您願意贊助 2B2T。

您可以透過贊助優先登入伺服器中。當您贊助時請確定輸入的帳號名稱 (Minecraft ID) 正確無誤,並在點選下一步以前仔細檢查。

購買至完成大約需要 30 分鐘。您的贊助是完全匿名的,當您選擇優先列隊時,您以及其他玩家並不會在遊戲中看到帳號上有任何的贊助,如果選擇贈送給與其他玩家也同樣不會顯示贊助過伺服器。

如果您有任何疑問,請發送電子郵件至 [email protected] (以英文書寫)。




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